Can’t Find Success? Five Things You’re Doing Wrong

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While there are many things that seem to differentiate those who are successful from those who aren’t, successful people are more willing to make sacrifices andaccomplish their goals.In contrast, unsuccessful people follow a set of bad habits. When seeking success, here is a list of five things successful people never do. Compromising Goals Talent, although helpful, is not a requirement for success. Successful people refuse to compromise what’s most important, regardless of their circumstances.Instead of accepting defeat, truly successful people learn from their experiences, gain better insight and move forward. If you want to be successful, never make compromises for anyone, including yourself. Accept yourself for your talents and your flaws. Being perfect is not a requirement for being successful. Holding Onto the Past Resentment, pride and stubbornness can all hinder success. Successful people use their mistakes and past experiences as tools to adapt and improve. Successful people are not easily offended and constantly strive to improve. Holding onto the past creates a roadblock for future growth and development. Continuous questioning of, “what if?” or “I should have…” won’t change the past and can negatively affect your future. Putting Others Down Gossip might seem like a trivial topic but gossip can carry a lot of weight. Speaking poorly of someone else or offering up a negative opinion of someone shows unprofessionalism and bad character. While is it perfectly fine to give constructive criticism to a colleague, it is never okay to put another person down, especially when they are not present. Speaking negatively of others discredits you as an individual and gives the impression that you lack self confidence and are untrustworthy. Successful people focus inward and have a healthy perception of who they are. Having Poor Time Management Along the path to success comes responsibility, hard work and persistence. Exceptional time management is a must to achieve your goals. Learning how to work well under pressure, prioritise and multitask will be valuable skills as you become more and more successful.As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose.” Being Afraid to be Disruptive Successful people put their fears aside and get started. They do something. While successful people may be afraid of failure, they are more afraid of not trying. Bedisruptive.Be confident. Be persistent inwhat you set forth to accomplish. You become successful when you act, think and live successfully. Success isn’t achieved by natural born gifts but by hard work, dedication and determination.


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