Go Beyond Resumes With Customizable Assessments

Find the most qualified person for the job with a platform that lets you create customizable assessments based on your needs.

Data-Driven Candidate Compatibility

Find the best candidates for the job with the ability to create targeted, customized assessments based on your needs.

Minimize Hiring Bias

Eliminate bias by using standardized assessments, providing a clear picture of the candidate’s abilities.

Automated Reports & Trusted Insights

Get comprehensive reporting and automated assessment aligned with what you want and the feedback candidates need.

Engage With Top Candidates

Connect with the best candidates first with Jobso’s advanced assessment algorithm.

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Resumes Aren’t Enough Today

It’s challenging to gauge a candidate’s true potential with just a resume. Add to that changing workplace dynamics, regulatory requirements, and other policies—and its clear why companies are struggling to find qualified workers.

Focus on the needs of your company. Our platform uses data-driven insights, video resumes, powerful functionality, and a diverse talent pool to help you find top candidates to fill positions.

How The Interviewing Assessment Platform Works

The recruitment process uses customizable assessments, reports, and other measurements to help discover the ideal person.

Fully customized assessments allow you to create and monitor relevant, personalized assessment metrics while searching for new talent.

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Upgrade Your Candidate Assessment System

Sort through top talent to find the best fit for your organization.

Identify technical skills faster

Use customizable assessments to gauge a candidate’s technical skills in a particular field.

Evaluate candidates’ potential faster

Empower your hiring team through structured interviewing and recruitment processes that work to widen the talent pool pipeline, screening more candidates in less time.

Automated reports for expedited assessment

Ensure you engage with the top candidates for your organization with integrated compatibility evaluation features.

Quick and seamless adoption

The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes hiring assessment and optimization possible at every level.

Modernize Your Hiring Process With Jobso

Learn more about how Jobso transforms your hiring process, saving you valuable resources.

You have everything you need to screen candidates, identify relevant skills, and hire the best person.

What Makes Different jobso Assessment Tools

Fair, unbiased process

Open the hiring process to more candidates and evaluate them at scale while fighting bias.

One step experience

Combine the interview and assessment into a single unified experience, in less than 20 minutes.

Quick adoption

Transformation doesn’t have to be hard. Intuitive, consumer-like solutions for your hiring teams.

Find out how much Jobso can save your organisation

Simplify recruitment with a robust platform that’s tailored to your exact requirements and is trusted by the world’s leading employers.

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