Accelerate Recruiter Productivity With Automation

Provide recruiters and applicants with access to a powerful tool, automating support and manual hiring process tasks.

Embrace the Modern Workplace

Fill positions faster, leveraging technology designed to increase visibility and attract more candidates.

End-to-End Assistance and Support

Ensure your organization and potential candidates receive consistent and seamless support through every stage of the hiring process.

Inclusive and Transparent Hiring Updates

Real-time updates provide equal recruitment updates, standardizing the interview process.

Optimized Workflow Automation

Increase recruiter productivity by automating monotonous tasks, focusing on higher priority tasks across your organization.


The hiring process has become increasingly complex. It’s challenging to find qualified employees and match, while maintaining workplace safety and regulatory requirements. Finding, interviewing, and hiring a candidate come with a long list of administrative tasks, communications, and updates—all of which require more time and focus.

Jobso uses conversational AI and automation to reclaim the countless hours spent managing repetitive tasks and reduce costs by boosting employee productivity.

why jobso
why jobso

How The Conversational AI Platform Works

The bulk of the manual tasks making up the hiring process is automated to boost productivity and efficiency. Our platform acts as the virtual hiring assistant that simplifies and accelerates all stages of the process.

Optimize Your Hiring Experience

Conversational AI eliminates the time spent by teams finding, connecting, and hiring potential candidates.

Simplify job discovery

Automated recruitment eliminates the tedious components of hiring, meaning you only monitor what matters.

Assess candidate potential

Employers gain greater flexibility and control over the hiring process. Recruiters maximize efficiency with instant access to specialized talent.

Automate interview scheduling

Optimize candidate’s engagement by ensuring they never miss a meeting through automated appointments and updates. Engage and inform when it matters.

Humanize interviewing

Use an intuitive, user-friendly interface to optimize the hiring process, allowing you to create a personalized experience.

why jobso

What Makes Different jobso Assessment Tools

Increase candidate flow

Support candidates through the hiring process to ensure they find the right role, stay engaged and informed, and are hired faster than the competition

Optimise the process

Eliminate manual tasks and the need for recruiter and hiring manager intervention to create a friction free hiring process

Elevate the experience

Enhance the experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers with 24×7 engagement across a variety of communication platforms

Jobso Resources

why jobso

Hire More Effectively With Automation

Learn more about how you can transform the hiring process by saving valuable resources.

The built-in conversational AI and automation capabilities provide everything needed to rapidly discover, interview, and hire the best people.

Unlock new efficiencies in your hiring process today.