Video Interview Preparation: 8 Tips for Successful Video Interviewing

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Whether this is your first, second, or fifth time performing a video interview, it most likely won’t be your last. More and more employers are turning to video interviews to streamline their recruiting process and augment their hiring decisions.

So what does this mean for you?

Taking a video interview, especially for first-timers, can feel a little awkward. So while your video interview may feel different, you can rest assured knowing you are answering the same questions as every other candidate. With a video interview, you get the chance to explain the skills and experiences that make you uniquely qualified.

Learn How HireVue Video Interviewing Gets You the Best Talent, Faster

More important than the medium of the interview is how well you prepare. The best way to get a job is to be the best person for that job. So let’s get started at making that person you.

The Advantages of a Digital Interview

Digital interviews enable employers to more objectively evaluate a candidate’s skills, personality, and aptitude. Digital interviews:

  • Make hiring fundamentally fairer, since all candidates answer the same questions.
  • Give candidates the chance to amplify the skills and experience on their resume.
  • Offer anyone the chance to interview, regardless of schedule on any device.

An on demand interview will level the playing field between you and the other candidates, since it means everyone will be evaluated on the exact same criteria. So what can you do to give yourself an advantage? Here are a few tried and true JobSo video interview tips.


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